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Great news to share!

Well... This is an emotional one for me. If you know me, you know that song writing was the biggest thing that brought me to Nashville. As y'all know, this didn't happen over night SO I'm beyond appreciative for this opportunity to write songs professionally. I'm so thankful for these people and especially for the way it all unfolded. When you least expect it (or have almost given up) God can do some crazy things. It finally happened. My first publishing deal. I'm gonna go eat some ice cream now, brb. #WRITERSLIST

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Well, I guess today is a great day to announce something BIG. I am excited to let y'all know that I was offered the lead role in an upcoming film "TAKE TWO FOR FAITH" ...

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St. Patricks Day/Spring Break In Nashville? Come To The Wildhorse March 17th For The New Nashville Show Series

If you are planning on celebrating St. Patricks Day or having your spring break in beautiful Nashville, make sure to come by The Wildhorse Saloon for "The New Nashville Series" on March 17th at 7:00 PM, CST. Tickets are $6 at the door.

Where ...

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